Men’s glasses – what to wear this season

From the classical to the ultra cool. Men are traditionally more conservative in their choice of glasses compared to women. Sometimes a little push is needed to update your look.

Eyewear trends mens. Monoqool

The 2018 fall season brings lots of new opportunities for the fashion interested male. And new possibilities to update your look from the classical retangular wide glasses glasses which has been the routine choice for a lot of men.
One of the trends clearly visible during 2018 has been the development towards thinner and more round glasses. For many men moving from a square retangular look can feel outside their comfort zone. Although round or roundish glasses is not a natural fit for all types of face shapes, they fit a surprising number of people.
Feeling slightly outside your comfort zone is a good sign that your are challenging yourself. That you are moving in a more trendy direction with your choice of glasses. Your local optician is there to help and guide you to a choice which will keep you happy for a long time.

Round glasses for men.MonoqoolScreen Shot 2018-09-23 at 12.04.26

Round is cool
Round glasses are never out of fashion, and this season they are everywhere. Challenges yourself an give it a try at the local optician. You might be in for a positive surprise.




Ultra thin glassesGlasses are getting thinner now.
Heavy glasses are on the way out and are quickly replaced by utlra lightweight and thin glasses. With a weigh of down to 4 grames looking cool and comfortable is a valide option.




The Punch PC model from Monoqool

The Asolo AS eyeglasses from Monoqool 3D printed Punch PC glasses Monoqool 3d printed glasses. Phantom PN modelFrom retangular sharp look to a more roundish look
Depending on your taste and face shape a wider more squarish look might be preferable. But even the wide squarish frame now have been softened with a more organic round look.




The Asolo AS model. Above the Punch PC model and the Phantom PN model from Monoqool.

Colourfull Funky FK model from MonoqoolCan men wear colourfull glasses?
Yes, this is definitely another trend visible among the daring group of trendsetting men. A red pair of glasses for a man. Why not?





3D printed eyewear. FK46 Monoqool

The Funky FK46 in Terracotta red

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