Customized eyewear is on the agenda!

If you have visted us at SILMO or OPTI in Germany you will have noticed that we are working a really cool project:
customized eyewear.

In collaboration with a Dutch IT company we are in the process of finalising the software solution so that we can test roll out beta version in the second half of 2016.

The custom made system is including a super advanced 3D scanner, which will make a precise scan of the customers face. Based on tthe scan the optician can select the right pair of glasses, which will automatically be fitted to give ‘suggested fit’ to the customer.

After this, the optician will have the opportunity to put the final touches on the frame by changing the panto scopic angle, base curve, etc.
This is huge project, but something that can really change our industry. It provides a great tool for the independent optician in the increasing competition with the big chains.

We will keep you posted about the development in this exciting project.