3D printed glasses are here to stay

A new category in the optical retail stores, 3D printed eyewear is making inroads into the optical business.

3D printed glasses. Innovative cool eyewear

Until just a few years ago 3D print technology was used mainly as a way to make prototypes fast. Today, the situation is very different. Now many well known companies around the world are using 3D print to produce thousands of parts. The US based airplane manufacturer Boeing has long worked with the technology due the advantages of speed, strength and flexibility 3D printing has to offer. And the list of companies now using 3D printing is long. Monoqool – the Danish innovative eyewear brand – was among the first in the world to take on the challenge of making spectacles in 3D print technology. Today, the company make thousands of glasses for stores in more than 20 countries around the world.

3D printed glasses trend

The advantages for Monoqool is among other things the lightweight of the material and the freedom of design offered by 3D print technology. The innovative glasses features a weight of only 4 grams, and is made using no screws or any kind of bending or soldering.

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