The fall 2018 eyewear trends – what colours and styles to wear

Fall 2018 brings out a wide selection of cool new glasses styles and colours. From the quirky and cool to new interpretations of classical eyewear styles.

2018 eyewear trends

The Fall 2018 eyewear season has been kicked off with great new styles. The trend toward thin round or organic shapes is continuing. New interpretations of classical eyewear styles. For Monoqool this means combining high tech 3D print technology with their take on round classical shapes born many years before. With the combination of metal and 3D printing Monoqool leads the way in this exciting new field. The brand new Funky FK model is an example of the latest trend. A classical round style glasses with an elegant nose bridge in metal. The combinations of Peach coloured front and black temples and nose bridge makes you stand out.


3D printed glasses.Monoqool

Monoqool glasses Funky FK14 in Peach color

The Funky FK14 model in Peach


For the more adventurous, the very quirky and unique Pop Singer PO model pushes most people outside their comfort zone. The ‘double vision’ look of the frame may scare some people off from trying it on, but when you wear the frame it looks über cool.


Monoqool 3D printed glasses. Red. Pop Singer PO

Monoqool Pop Singer PO46 glasses

The Pop Singer PO46 in Terracotta Red


Innocent and cute looking model Holiday HD is a real surprise when you wear it. The flat top design combined with a delicate and unique Violet colour makes you stand out from the crowd.


Violet glasses. Monoqool 3D printed eyewear

Monoqool Holiday HD52 violet glasses

The Holiday HD52 model in delicate Violet colour


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