Trendsetting opticians – Glance Eyewear, USA: It’s all about service

Bob & Lisa Martinsson know that excellent customer service is key to achieving success as an independent optician. For Glance Eyewear creating a close relationship with the client is of highest priority.

Glance eyewear and monoqool

Interview with Bob & Lisa Martinsson from Glance Eyewear. What is behind their success as independent opticians?


Please tell us a little about yourself and your stores

Bob & Lisa Martinsson here, at Glance Optics in Oregon. We have two locations: the first in Salem, the state capitol (established in 2002), the second in Lake Oswego, a bedroom community of Portland (established by popular demand in 2011.)  We are somewhat unique in that we do not have a doctor and have no outside doctors feeding our optical boutique. Because Glance has a completely different business model from the local doctors’ offices, we can live in harmony with each other. The doctors’ offices (where Lisa started her career) buy and sell for the masses. Glance buys and sells to everyone else! The doctors’ office probably has a smarter business model, but we have way more fun!

What are the main 3 reasons behind the success of your store?

Service, service, service.  Relationships are what we “do.”


What are the main brands you carry in your store?

Monoqool, Theo, Anne & Valentin, Matsuda, Thom Browne, Dita, Barton Perreira, Krewe, Moscot, NW77, Roger …


How long have you worked with Monoqool?

Since 2012


What do you think about the future of 3D printed glasses?

The future is NOW with 3D printed eyewear! It may render the others obsolete!


What features of the Monoqool frames do your customers appreciate the most?

3D printing appeals to everyone!  The weight and innovation are very intriguing, but at the end of the day, it’s the great shapes that make the sale.


How would you describe Monoqool in just 3 words?

We describe MQ as “the future now!”


Why have you chosen to work with Monoqool in your store?

Advanced technology coincides with Glance’s forward thinking.


What would be your best 3 tips to other independent optical stores?

Again, it’s all about the service. Happy staff + good training = excellent service!