The Pursuit of the perfect pair of glasses

There is no way around it. Making cool eyewear shapes that fits a 100% is the key to the customers heart. Here is how Monoqool leaves no stone unturned to perfect glasses for the ultimate fit.

Cool red glasses

Even the most innovative new material or unique eyewear hinge will not make up for a eyewear frame that is not well designed. Danish eyewear company Monoqool won 8 international design awards for their innovative eyewear design and for their unique use of 3D print technology. But at the end of the day, if the frame is not fitting well and is not absolutely spot on, then even the most revolutionary idea will never be successful. The company learned early on that you almost can not spend too much time and energy on coming up with eyewear shapes which enhances the look of the wearer, and keep them comfortable all day long. And here every detail counts.

At Monoqool developing new shapes is an always ongoing process. New shapes are tested and tried on by a panel of persons to make sure that the glasses are well fitting. ‘It’s like designing for a moving target’, says the founder of Monoqool Allan G Petersen. ‘No face is the same, and it is not like designing a vase, where you can imagine the environment it will be used in. We design for all kinds of faces, oval, round, heart shaped, small and big faces, etc’.

Typically, the company launch 12 new eyewear styles in 4 colours for every season, but to arrive at the final shapes, Monoqool goes through a painstaken process starting with drawing up to 150-250 different glasses per season and then producing 75-125 prototypes. Once a prototype is developed it will the tested on various people, adjustments will be made before the design team is entirely happy. ‘The devil is in the detail. Often it is a milimeter that can make the difference between an average pair of glasses and something that really make the wearer stand out. We learned the hard way to just keep working on it until we are completely satisfied. Seeing the smiling face of person when they find a pair of glasses that fits perfectly is the ultimate reward for us.’

You can see some of the Monoqool eyewear shapes here