Facebook guide for the independent optician

Replace your ads in the local newspaper with advertising on Facebook. 10 tips for how to get started with Facebook for your optical store

Facebook for opticians

Social media is increasingly popular. And if you think social media is only for

teenagers or have the feeling social media marketing doesn’t work, then

you’re making a big mistake.

Facebook advertising has provided the local independent optician with some

brand-new opportunities.

When you today for the 100th time, almost by

reflex put a small ad in the local newspaper, you will rarely know if anybody

read the ad. With Facebook advertising you will know. In social media

marketing, you can measure almost everything.

Facebook advertising lets you reach a very large audience in your local area.

Even if you have only a few hundred Facebook followers. You must either

understand how Facebook advertising works or get an expert to do it.

We prepared 10 simple tips to get started with Facebook advertising.

Most importantly, we recommend to find a local Facebook advertising

expert to help you implement the tips.

Here is a download link to the ’10 Facebook advertising tips for the independent optician’ :

download 10 Facebook Tips for the Independent Optician