Retail guide: Tips & tricks on how to convert more visitors into buying customers

Get the most out of the customer traffic to your optical store

Are you and your team converting enough visiting customer into buying customers?
It is often said that ‘retail is detail’. Small changes in what you do can make a huge difference to the level of your success in your optical store.

In this section of the Retail Guide for Independent Opticians you can among other things read more about the following:

Conversion rate / Capture rate
How to measure how good you are in turning visitors into buying customers. The conversion rate is defined as the percentage of your store visitors, who actually end up buying glasses from you. So if you have 500 visitors coming to your store during per month, and 50 of visitors end up buying frames from you, your conversion rate is 10%. If you can increase that to 15%, you will have increased your sales by 50%.

How can you increase the conversion rate in your store?
There are countless ways to better convert your visitors into customers.
One important factor is the attractiveness of the range of glasses you carry in your store. In this part of the retail guide you get tips and trips of how to measure the performance of the brands you carry today, and when to stop with a brand and how to replace it with a new brand.

Download and read more about how you can improve your conversion in this part of the retail guide.

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If you are interested in receiving more chapters of the Retail Guide, please write to Monoqool at . The other chapters of the Retail Guide contains among other things: Tips to select the right mix of eyewear brands to your store, Tips for how you bring more customers into your optical store with online marketing, Facebook marketing, email marketing, etc. Learn also about important information such as conversion rates – how to turn more visitors into buying customers, and about Stock Turn – how to analyse your sales per brand in your optical store through comparing the Stock Turn Rates of each brands. And lot more useful information for the independent optical store.