Retail guide: How to select the right marketing mix for your optical store

Tips to select the right marketing mix for your optical store

As an independent optician selecting the right marketing tools is very important. In this part of the retail guide you can find tips to decide which marketing tools that would work best for you. It very much depends on how you characterise the location of your store. Can you location be described as a High Street Location where people are passing by in big numbers or are your store placed more like a Destination Store, which could be a location a little outside the most busy areas of the town, and where most visitors to your store come with the specific purpose of visiting your store?

If you got a High Street location with lots of foot traffic, you probably pay a higher rent, and need to spend less money on marketing, but more money on shop window decoration and signage. If you are in a Destination location, you probably pay less rent than a High Street store, but must be creative and spend more money on marketing to bring in traffic to the store.

In this section of the Retail Guide we give you an overview of which tools in general would work best depending on your store location.

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If you are interested in receiving more chapters of the Retail Guide, please write to Monoqool at . The other chapters of the Retail Guide contains among other things: Tips to select the right mix of eyewear brands to your store, Tips for how you bring more customers into your optical store with online marketing, Facebook marketing, email marketing, etc. Learn also about important information such as conversion rates – how to turn more visitors into buying customers, and about Stock Turn – how to analyse your sales per brand in your optical store through comparing the Stock Turn Rates of each brands. And lot more useful information for the independent optical store.